Façades with the greatest possible elegance

Mullion and transom façades make for especially slender and graceful solutions when it comes to glass façades, thus decisively enhancing architectural design options.

The construction consists of a combination of vertical, load bearing mullions and horizontal transoms. Put together, they result in skeleton-like components that can be prefabricated in various sizes. This makes mullion and transom façades not only visually attractive, but also well-planable and easy to incorporate in the production process. In addition, prefabrication at our plant ensures maximum precision, so that all elements can be fitted together perfectly on site.

Manifold design options

Mullion and transom constructions are very frequently used for glass façades because the intermediate spaces can be individually filled with window or door elements. The profiles are also very slender, creating the impression of a continuous glass front. It is nevertheless possible to combine the construction with opaque elements for filling the intermediate spaces. This enhances the design options and creates new architectural perspectives, and all that at the highest technological standard.

  • AZA Rastede
  • Dello Nedderfeld in Hamburg
  • Einkaufszentrum Kuhlenstraße in Westerstede
  • Gymnasium in Westerstede
  • McDonald´s in Westerstede
  • McDonald´s in Bremen
  • M-COM in Oldenburg
  • Nordmilch in Edewecht
  • Noweda in Rastede
  • Photo DOSE in Bremen
  • Zumnorde in Oldenburg
  • Autohaus Infiniti in Hamburg
  • Autohaus KREMERS in Bad Zwischenahn
  • Nanu Nana in Oldenburg
  • Privathaus in Edewecht
  • Weiss 8122
  • AMF Bruns in Apen
  • VW Hoppe in Ganderkesee
  • AZA Bad Zwischenahn
  • Stau 91 in Oldenburg
  • Deep Underground in Bad Zwischenahn
  • Combi-Markt in Esens
  • Ford Krüll in Hamburg