The calling card of a house

Entrance areas of office and commercial buildings have to fulfill a series of demands. They must represent the building in an adequate manner, grant access, and at the same time offer protection against unwanted visitors. Modern entrance areas therefore unite an individual appearance with the greatest possible functionality.

Size, style, and material are all a question of the construction requirements and your individual taste. Nearly everything is feasible so that the entrance area can be planned and implemented to suit any building and any client.

Much more than just a door

Moreover, entrance areas are not simply doors, but rather have to fulfill a multitude of functions according to the location. Therefore our entrance systems can be equipped with a wide variety of accessories to meet individual demands. Whether it's a matter of mail boxes and bell systems for apartment buildings or elaborate security and access control systems for company buildings – anything goes. Our experts are pleased to provide professional advice and an individual offer for your specific requirements.

  • AZA Rastede
  • Dello Nedderfeld in Hamburg
  • M-COM in Oldenburg
  • Gymnasium in Westerstede
  • McDonald´s in Bremen
  • Photo DOSE in Bremen
  • Autohaus KREMERS in Bad Zwischenahn
  • Noweda in Rastede
  • Autohaus Infiniti in Hamburg
  • Einkaufszentrum Kuhlenstraße in Westerstede
  • Nordmilch in Edewecht
  • Nanu Nana in Oldenburg
  • McDonald´s in Westerstede
  • Volksbank in Friedrichsfehn
  • Weiss 8122
  • Solarlux Neubau Firmenzentrale in Melle
  • VW Hoppe in Ganderkesee
  • Nonne in Lockstedt
  • AMF Bruns in Apen
  • Café Restaurant Hotel ACHTIG in Varel
  • AZA Bad Zwischenahn
  • Deep Underground in Bad Zwischenahn
  • Rehazentrum in Oldenburg
  • Combi-Markt in Esens