Façades with a system

Modular façades are predominantly used for designing large façades surfaces in a uniform manner. The individual modules are at least story-high and have all required functional façade components incorporated, including balustrades and windows.

Easy installation through high level of prefabrication

The special form of the façade allows complete prefabrication of the modules at the Haskamp plant. This makes installation on site exceedingly easy: The individual modules can be installed story for story from the bottom to the top. This high level of prefabrication ensures maximum precision and quality. On-site installation is moreover possible without scaffolding. In particular for very high buildings, this represents a decisive advantage when it comes to realization and profitability.

Individual profiles for greatest possible flexibility

We usually manufacture the profiles for our modular façades individually so that they can be customized to the respective construction requirements. This is where our special expertise develops its full potential: We design and manufacture profiles in close coordination with our clients. Individually and on our own production lines. This allows us to meet all kinds of demands and to manufacture modules that fulfill even the highest standards.

  • Debitel in Stuttgart
  • City Tower in Offenbach
  • Herriot´s in Frankfurt
  • Garden Towers in Frankfurt
  • Tersteegenstraße 3 in Düsseldorf
  • K2 + K3 Konrad-Adenauer-Ufer in Köln
  • Atlantic-Haus in Hamburg
  • Aerogare du Luxembourg
  • Empire Riverside Hotel in Hamburg
  • Brauhaus in Hamburg
  • SAP in Walldorf
  • Astra-Turm in Hamburg
  • Sparkasse Vest in Recklinghausen
  • Dräger Finkenstraße in Lübeck
  • Kaiserkai 1 Hafen-City in Hamburg
  • Weiss 8122
  • Kranhaus MITTE in Köln
  • Hoch Zwei in Wien
  • Kranhaus SÜD in Köln
  • LzO-Zentrale in Oldenburg
  • IKB in Hamburg
  • Rheinau ArtOffice in Köln
  • B1 Benningsenplatz
  • Skyline Tower in München
  • E.ON Ruhrgas in Essen
  • Kühne & Nagel in Hamburg / Hafen-City
  • Emporio TOWER in Hamburg
  • Sandtorpark Hafen-City in Hamburg
  • Mercedes-Benz Vertrieb Deutschland in Berlin
  • LES 1 in Hamburg
  • Baufeld 19 Rheinauhafen in Köln
  • OVAL Office in Hamburg
  • Office Tower + Hotel Königstadt Carree in Berlin
  • Kristall im Holzhafen in Hamburg
  • Emporio NEUBAU in Hamburg
  • QIAGEN in Hilden
  • maxCologne in Köln
  • Contrescarpe 72 in Bremen
  • New Headquarter in Brüssel
  • Fraport Verwaltungsgebäude in Frankfurt am Main
  • Hamburg Süd in Hamburg
  • Reifenhäuser in Troisdorf
  • Alsterufer 1-3 in Hamburg
  • Philips Headquarters in Hamburg
  • Three George in Düsseldorf
  • WINX in Frankfurt a. M.
  • ILB in Potsdam
  • Work-Life-Center in Hamburg
  • Fassadensanierung Bettentürme Universitätsklinikum (UKM) in Münster
  • Campus DEG in Köln
  • Hochhaus am Postbahnhof in Berlin
  • Height 2 in Hamburg