Security should be felt, not seen

Entrance areas not only allow access to buildings, but nowadays are also required to offer protection against unwanted visitors and, if need be, even against possible attacks. The security aspect is therefore of essential importance when it comes to planning and implementation.

Modern entrance areas are equipped with comprehensive burglary-resistance systems. In addition to the materials used (burglary-resistant fittings and safety glazing), it is in particular fastening systems and the proper installation that offer protection. These will not impair appearances, as the protective measures are predominantly incorporated inside the elements. Yet they will lead to significantly impeding attempts to lever out or smash in doors. And the longer an attempted burglary takes, the greater the possibility of discovery.

Protection for extreme cases

Public buildings and facilities nowadays require the maximum possible safety. This is a sensitive issue of increasing significance. We therefore offer systems that protect against bullets and even against blasts – unobtrusively and safely. These solutions are visually indistinguishable from regular entrance areas. They are however made from materials such as armored glass and security fittings to withstand even more substantial attacks.

All security measures meet the valid standards and regulations. This guarantees the maximum possible protection that you can count on.