Give a personal touch to your balcony

Balconies are essential design features for buildings. It is therefore important that they conform with the overall appearance. It is up to you, whether you wish the balcony to match the style of your house or whether you wish to create a conscious contrast.  What counts when it comes to designing the balconies is your personal taste.

Classic or modern: a matter of the balustrade

The balustrade, which essentially determines the balcony’s character, comprises the banister or handrail and the respective balusters or fillings. Different aluminum rail systems can be combined with glass fillings, perforated steel plates, or panel fillings. The advantage: Greatest possible flexibility when it comes to functionality and design.

Flexible right down to the details

Further accessories allow you to individually design any of the balcony types and adapt them to your requirements. Various types of roofs offer protection from rain and partition walls from curious neighbors. Matching balcony flower boxes round off the overall look and make for a consistent visual appearance. The result: balconies that are not only convincing with regard to functionality, but also to aesthetics.