The appropriate solution for each building

Balconies can be added to nearly every building, either during construction works or when renovating. Different balcony designs correspond to different construction requirements and different design demands.

Built-on balconies

Built-on balconies are particularly suited for retrofitting older buildings. This free-standing construction is supported in front of the facade on four columns. They are secured to the wall with brackets.

The advantage: Old balconies can simply be dismantled and the new ones then erected immediately in front of the facade. And all that can be done without ever disturbing the tenants: The work takes place on the outside of the house while the interior remains clean.

Built-in balconies

This is a particularly economical solution and can be used for new constructions as well as refurbishments. The balconies are supported on two columns in the front and are connected to the wall by means of brackets. The result is a completely new look for your building, which increases its living quality and rental value.

Cantilever balconies

The freely suspended cantilever balconies are fastened to the facade. This solution is ideal wherever the conditions do not allow support pillars or foundations to be added, for instance because of driveways, garages, or side walks. The balconies are suspended in front of the building from edge supports, which are fastened on the wall side to certain points in the ceilings and used for load transfer.

Stacked balconies

Stacked balconies can be prefabricated to a large extent, enabling easy installation on site. Depending on the basic structure of the building, they can be designed as built-in or built-on balconies. This particular balcony type allows narrow building depth while retaining the balcony size, and is therefore suited for narrow plots of land.